Walk ins welcome.

Parties of 8 or more: please send us an email with the date you wish to make a reservation for and any additional details you would like to share, we will reply within 12 hours.

If you are experiencing difficulties while making a reservation, it may be that tables for your party size are unavailable for that time. We encourage you to try a different time or date, or email or call us for support.

Plant based small plates in Hollywood.


Our menu features fresh from-scratch pastas, bread baked in house daily, and more essentially, vegetables and other ingredients from the bountiful farmers' markets of L.A. You will find produce fermenting on our shelves, flavoring our house tonics, sodas, and shrubs, and on every plate in various forms.

We recommend bringing one (or many) dining companions and sharing the food family style.

Located alongside long-established comfort food spot Doomie's Home Cookin' and newly opened dairy-free, allergen-friendly ice cream parlor Cocobella Creamery, Cruciferous is the sit-down plant focused restaurant to complete this meat-free trifecta and create a destination for vegan and non-vegan diners alike.


Cruciferous is a gratuity free restaurant. Scroll down to our "About" section to read more.





(323) 484-3714


1253 Vine st, #8

Los Angeles

CA 90038



Wed-Sun 6p–10p
Closed Mondays & Tuesdays




was born of a partnership between Doomie (local favorite Doomie's Home Cookin', Doomie's Toronto, and more secret projects in the works), and Shane Stanbridge and Marie Chia of S+M Vegan (an Oakland-based catering and pop up co also behind Blind Tiger Dinners, Fromagerie Esseme cashew cheese.


We chose to open as a tip free restaurant as a step toward a more equitable, sustainable industry.

It matters to us to be able to compensate our team fairly, responsibly and competitively, without the traditional gap dividing servers and kitchen staff (that too often maintains structural wage inequity based on race and gender), or the precariousness of having them rely solely on your generosity, making them vulnerable on "slow days".

We strive to create and maintain an environment in which our staff will be able to focus on providing you with the best experience, whether it be from their dish washing or salad station, or by delivering direct hospitality by their presence at your table, without the distraction of an uncertain, hard-to-predict, or barely adequate, compensation that night.

For you, this translates into a 20% charge added to your check, without having to engage in math, the insurance of quality service regardless of who you are, and the guarantee that what you spend is being reinvested directly in the people who endeavored to make your time with us enjoyable and memorable- and hopefully the first of many.

We realize going the gratuity free way comes with risks and challenges, and we might have to experiment a bit with the format, but as minimum wage around the country increases, and restaurant workers are longing for a fairer system, we believe like others before us that this is the way to go. And we thank you for your support as we join the restaurants and hospitality groups that are trying to change the industry for the better.




"The signature dish is likely to be the General Tso’s Brussels sprouts, a crunchy, saucy take on a familiar flavor profile. The casual dish actually won in the “best savory” category at this year’s Vegan Street Fair, and word from the waitstaff is that it gets dropped at just about every table, every night."   -EATER LA

"A refreshing innovative vegan restaurant that expands your taste buds to new heights. They're dishes are best shared so you can try more things on the menu. There is always an ingredient you don't expect that makes the dish pop in a unique way."   -A L, via Yelp

"Their salads were perfection, and their mains are inventive but not alienating. Everything is plant forward, so you won't find any fake meats on the plate. Their play with texture, flavor and heat will make you forget that the menu is completely vegan."   Nikolitsa P, via Yelp

"Even the non-alcoholic drinks were made impeccably, and were so refreshing. (...) Oh! And I can't forget to mention the Kabocha Squash Donuts and Bao ice cream sandwiches we ended with. IN LOVE!!"   Jackie S, via Yelp

"Easily one of the best meals I've ever had in my life. The attention to detail that goes into each dish shows in flavor, texture, and visual appeal."   G L, via Yelp